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1. Stick & Move (feat. Big Tymers) Lyrics

Stick & Move (feat. Big Tymers) Lyrics

[Juvenile] I don't have all day to be chillin' Just talkin' shit You done got me out here now I'm tryin' to get off this brick I don't trust you to be up in your spot Niggas'll blitz These faces ain't

2. Gangsta Nigga (feat. TQ) Lyrics

Gangsta Nigga (feat. TQ) Lyrics

[Lil Wayne] Holla at me nigga you know it be Weezy "The Don" I murder easy but hard to kill like Steven Segal Its paper, pussy, and pistols – pass love to the pimp I'm clutching a M busting that tip

8. Rock Ice Lyrics

Rock Ice Lyrics

(Background Talking): Mannie: Drink some of that, man. Turk: Look at these bad influences. BG: It's gettin' hot in this muh'fucka. Lil' Wayne: (H~O~T... H~O~T...) Mannie: Say it, and mean it. Lil' Way

9. Spit 'n Game Lyrics

Spit 'n Game Lyrics

Fresh. Slim, Baby. Hot Boys. Hot Boys in this bitch. Check it out. Turk: Niggas steady getting chopped Losin they life behind stupid shit Ain't that a bitch Niggas, gettin' they wig split And it's a

10. Young Riders Lyrics

Young Riders Lyrics

Song: Young Riders [Baby] Off top, peep this lil' four youngstas out Watch how they lay it down [Juvenile] Say baby, hand me the chopper, let me cuttin' loose Nigga talkin' crazy but lil' daddy ain

11. Let 'Em Burn Lyrics

Let 'Em Burn Lyrics

H-beezy in this motherfucker man Fa sheezy nigga come here to burn this whole motherfuckin city down Know what I'm sayin, see what I'm sayin' slugga We bad than a motherfucker If I got a problem with

12. Neighborhood Superstar Lyrics

Neighborhood Superstar Lyrics

Talking (Juvenile): Suga Slim Million Dollar spot Verse 1: Juvenile Wodie ask them motherfuckers how the CMB play it Tanqueray and Alize it, take the llello and weigh it 735's I drive fits ta match,

13. Up In Tha Hood Lyrics

Up In Tha Hood Lyrics

Song: Up in the Hood [Lil' Wayne] huh, H.B. nigga, listen - From up under the bottom of the streets of Hollygrove It's Young Carter - fuck wit' me and I fix mo' wigs than a beauty parlor And due ta

14. Spin Tha Bend Lyrics

Spin Tha Bend Lyrics

Song: Spin Tha Bend Typed by: [email protected] * * send corrections to the typist [Verse 1: B.G.] Get off the block this my first and last time tellin' bitches Second step I Spin Tha Bend, Bussin,

15. Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics

yo wus up shkin porkchop are baken cause it's the mutha f**ken hot boysss from new orlean city where the hoes aight and the niggaz are pretty cause we do it like that and ya'll assited by bueatyfull h

17. Jack Who, Take What Lyrics

Jack Who, Take What Lyrics

[B.G.] (whoa, shit ain't gon' happ') Look, I just come from outta town, nigga broke in my crib Disrespect where I live, 20 g's up for who he is He don't have the slightest mothafuckin' idea - who he d

18. Off Wit Ya Head Lyrics

Off Wit Ya Head Lyrics

Song: Off Wit Ya Head Typed by: [email protected] [B.G.] y'kno it go down fuckin' with the B.G. nigga don't act like you don't know... ...It goes down when me or my clique feel played Uptown you

19. 3 Strikes Lyrics

3 Strikes Lyrics

[Lil Wayne] I got popped in 94' them people caught me with some coke But I pleaded as a user so the judge let me go Now I'm back on the streets with six months of probation Can't go out the state so I

20. Big Tymers Lyrics

Big Tymers Lyrics

Big Tymers feat. B.G., Lac Miscellaneous Big Tymers Big Tymers feat. B.G., Lac Big Tymers Off top, playboy Look here These lil' young jive motherfuckers just jumpin' off the porch [B.G.] Let