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1. Stick & Move (feat. Big Tymers) Lyrics

Stick & Move (feat. Big Tymers) Lyrics

[Juvenile] I don't have all day to be chillin' Just talkin' shit You done got me out here now I'm tryin' to get off this brick I don't trust you to be up in your spot Niggas'll blitz These faces ain't

2. Gangsta Nigga (feat. TQ) Lyrics

Gangsta Nigga (feat. TQ) Lyrics

[Lil Wayne] Holla at me nigga you know it be Weezy "The Don" I murder easy but hard to kill like Steven Segal Its paper, pussy, and pistols – pass love to the pimp I'm clutching a M busting that tip

8. Rock Ice Lyrics

Rock Ice Lyrics

(Background Talking): Mannie: Drink some of that, man. Turk: Look at these bad influences. BG: It's gettin' hot in this muh'fucka. Lil' Wayne: (H~O~T... H~O~T...) Mannie: Say it, and mean it. Lil' Way

9. Spit 'n Game Lyrics

Spit 'n Game Lyrics

Fresh. Slim, Baby. Hot Boys. Hot Boys in this bitch. Check it out. Turk: Niggas steady getting chopped Losin they life behind stupid shit Ain't that a bitch Niggas, gettin' they wig split And it's a

10. Young Riders Lyrics

Young Riders Lyrics

Song: Young Riders [Baby] Off top, peep this lil' four youngstas out Watch how they lay it down [Juvenile] Say baby, hand me the chopper, let me cuttin' loose Nigga talkin' crazy but lil' daddy ain

11. Neighborhood Superstar Lyrics

Neighborhood Superstar Lyrics

Talking (Juvenile): Suga Slim Million Dollar spot Verse 1: Juvenile Wodie ask them motherfuckers how the CMB play it Tanqueray and Alize it, take the llello and weigh it 735's I drive fits ta match,

12. Let 'Em Burn Lyrics

Let 'Em Burn Lyrics

H-beezy in this motherfucker man Fa sheezy nigga come here to burn this whole motherfuckin city down Know what I'm sayin, see what I'm sayin' slugga We bad than a motherfucker If I got a problem with

13. Up In Tha Hood Lyrics

Up In Tha Hood Lyrics

Song: Up in the Hood [Lil' Wayne] huh, H.B. nigga, listen - From up under the bottom of the streets of Hollygrove It's Young Carter - fuck wit' me and I fix mo' wigs than a beauty parlor And due ta

14. Spin Tha Bend Lyrics

Spin Tha Bend Lyrics

Song: Spin Tha Bend Typed by: [email protected] * * send corrections to the typist [Verse 1: B.G.] Get off the block this my first and last time tellin' bitches Second step I Spin Tha Bend, Bussin,

15. Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics

yo wus up shkin porkchop are baken cause it's the mutha f**ken hot boysss from new orlean city where the hoes aight and the niggaz are pretty cause we do it like that and ya'll assited by bueatyfull h

18. Jack Who, Take What Lyrics

Jack Who, Take What Lyrics

[B.G.] (whoa, shit ain't gon' happ') Look, I just come from outta town, nigga broke in my crib Disrespect where I live, 20 g's up for who he is He don't have the slightest mothafuckin' idea - who he d

19. Off Wit Ya Head Lyrics

Off Wit Ya Head Lyrics

Song: Off Wit Ya Head Typed by: [email protected] [B.G.] y'kno it go down fuckin' with the B.G. nigga don't act like you don't know... ...It goes down when me or my clique feel played Uptown you

20. 3 Strikes Lyrics

3 Strikes Lyrics

[Lil Wayne] I got popped in 94' them people caught me with some coke But I pleaded as a user so the judge let me go Now I'm back on the streets with six months of probation Can't go out the state so I