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1. Ride Cowboy Ride Lyrics

Ride Cowboy Ride Lyrics

Ride cowboy ride. Through the back door to heaven. To the other side. I wanna know the danger of a kiss. At midnight. Ride, cowboy, ride. Yeah, I learn my lesson. In the story of the trial. So I made

2. Roulette Lyrics

Roulette Lyrics

Bet the black comes in red, crimes of passion rule my head I need you, you want him, dressed to kill we live in sin I know the game you play, I know it well You just keep on playin' when all the bets

3. Get Ready Lyrics

Get Ready Lyrics

You need someone to make it last No Romeo's who'll love and leave you fast They fade away Tonight you're not gonna be alone Making love on the telephone Oh baby, baby if you can hold I'm gonna take

4. Homebound Train Lyrics

Homebound Train Lyrics

When I was just a boy The devil took my hand Took me from my home He made me a man So, don't talk to me about sympathy now Cause you can't dance if you Take a chance on your rosary I'm going down, do

5. Blood On Blood Lyrics

Blood On Blood Lyrics

I can still remember When I was just a kid When friends were friends forever And what you said was what you did Well, it was me and Danny and Bobby We cut each other's hands And held tight to a prom

6. Breakout Lyrics

Breakout Lyrics

Breakout This time girl I've had enough You're too hot to handle with kid gloves It's too late, I hear a knock on the door The games over baby, I can't take it no more Breakout, breakout Take these

7. Love For Sale Lyrics

Love For Sale Lyrics

Well I wake up this morning I rolled out of bed I felt like a dog who's been kicked in the head Checked out my mail there was letter that read, it said Love for sale, love for sale I picked up the p

8. Lay Your Hands On Me Lyrics

Lay Your Hands On Me Lyrics

Lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me Lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me Come on! If you're ready, I'm willing and able Help me lay my cards o

9. Come Back Lyrics

Come Back Lyrics

Now that you're gone, I can see what Was going on and how you lied When you'd said you'd never love again Friends telephone and they say You weren't out alone last night Can't you see that this broke

10. Wild Is The Wind Lyrics

Wild Is The Wind Lyrics

I tried to make you happy God knows I tried so hard to be What you hoped that I would be I gave you all you wanted God couldn't give you what you need You wanted more from me Than I could ever be You

11. Love Lies Lyrics

Love Lies Lyrics

I was lost, then I found you Never thought it would be this way Showed you my heart, I left it unguarded Like a thief in the night you stole it away Now you're gone The pain goes on and on And I stil

12. Burning For Love Lyrics

Burning For Love Lyrics

I've been lied to and you been cheated I've been cried to, you been mistreated I've been watching you, you want action You need love and I need satisfaction I'm burning for love, filled with desire I

13. Shot Through The Heart Lyrics

Shot Through The Heart Lyrics

Shot through the heart It's all part of the game that we call love Would you be content to see me crying After all those little games you put me through After all I've done for you you're lying Would

14. Bad Medicine Lyrics

Bad Medicine Lyrics

Your love is like bad medicine Bad medicine is what I need Shake it up, just like bad medicine There ain't no doctor that can cure my disease I ain't got a fever got a permanent disease It'll take m

15. You Really Got Me Now Lyrics

You Really Got Me Now Lyrics

You're dancing with your shadow You been talking in your sleep Well you can walk on water But don't want to wet your feet You really got me You really got me now You know I don't know how you do it B

16. Born To Be My Baby Lyrics

Born To Be My Baby Lyrics

Rainy night and we worked all day Both got jobs cause there's bills to pay We've got something they can't take away Our love, our lives Close the door, leave the cold outside Don't need nothing when

17. Stick To Your Guns Lyrics

Stick To Your Guns Lyrics

So you want to be a cowboy Well you know it's more that just a ride Guess you got to know the real thing If you want to know the other side Ain't nobody riding shotgun In this world tonight And when

18. Runaway Lyrics

Runaway Lyrics

On the streets where you live girls talk about their social lives They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes (All your life) all your life all you've asked is when's

19. Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin' Lyrics

Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin' Lyrics

"You rode a 15 year old boy straight to his grave and the rest of us straight to hell." A whiskey bottle comforts me And tells me not to cry While a full moon says a prayer for me I try to close my e

20. Never Say Die Lyrics

Never Say Die Lyrics

As we stood there older than men And younger than the boys (That's right) We were as still as the wind That blows on a hot August night And you were lonesome as a jukebox But deadly just the same I c