If you love working out and want to join a ‘woman only gym’ in Chicago, this article will help you find one. Some women prefer to go to a women-only gym because they are tired of men bothering them during a workout. Unwanted attention sometimes makes the gym a point of distraction rather than a place for focus. This is why gyms catering only to women are a big hit around the country.

In our list, we have curated the best women-only gyms, based on equipment, support and atmosphere.

  1. Studio Fit Chicago

Located close to the Lincoln Park, Studio Fit Chicago is one of the most popular all-female fitness studios. It is run by an all women crew and offers yoga, barre, boxing and boot camps. Whether you want to do some cardio or sculpt your curves, Studio Fit Chicago has a class for you.

  1. Curves

Curves is a pioneer in women-only fitness solutions. Their signature 30-minute circuit training started off the all-female gym phenomena. No matter where you stay, there is a Curves Gym close by.

  1. Slim and Tone

Slim, and Tone is another women-only franchise that specialises in workouts for women. They have Pilates, boxing & kickboxing, strength training, cycling, yoga and other classes. Search for a location close to your work or home and you are ready for a workout.

  1. Ladies Workout Express

Ladies Workout Express is another 30-minute circuit training gym that was built on the model of Curves. They use 8-10 hydraulic machines and a similar amount of recovery and rest stations. Each user has to work on it for 30 seconds and then switch to the next station as a part of the circuit plan.

  1. Contours Express

The Contours Express is one of the oldest chains of women-only gyms offering a similar proposition as the other 30-minute circuit gyms.